A Comprehensive Look at Safaga, Egypt’s Weather

Safaga, a port town in Egypt, is known for its captivating beauty, nestled on the coast of the Red Sea.

This article aims to provide a detailed understanding of Safaga’s weather, highlighting its high temperatures, sunny days, and the unique weather phenomena that define this Egyptian jewel.

The Overall Climate

Safaga’s climate is defined by its high temperatures and sunny days. The Egyptian sun, a constant companion for the residents and visitors of Safaga, illuminates the Red Sea, creating a mesmerizing view that is both enchanting and serene.

The sun’s presence is so consistent that it has become synonymous with the Safaga Red Sea Egypt weather, making it a paradise for sun-lovers.

Monthly Weather Synopsis

July: A Month of Sun and Sand

July in Safaga is a testament to the city’s reputation for high temperatures and sunny days. The month is defined by the relentless Egyptian sun, which dominates the sky from sunrise to sunset. The average temperature in July can reach high degrees, with the sun being the most prominent weather element.

The wind direction in July is predominantly WNW, with an average speed of 15 mph to 20 mph. These winds, while not enough to significantly cool down the high temperatures, do provide a pleasant breeze that is most welcome on the scorching summer days.

July also brings clear nights, with the sunset giving way to a starlit sky. The waxing gibbous moon is a common sight in July, adding to the serene beauty of Safaga’s nights. Precipitation is virtually non-existent in July, with the month being one of the driest in the year.

Snow in Safaga

While snow is a common weather phenomenon in many parts of the world, it is almost unheard of in Safaga. The city’s high temperatures and sunny weather make snowfall an unlikely event. However, the absence of snow does not detract from the city’s charm. On the contrary, it adds to the allure of Safaga as a sun-soaked paradise.

Safaga Weather: A Unique Experience

In conclusion, Safaga Red Sea Egypt’s weather is a unique blend of high temperatures, sunny days, and consistent winds. The weather plays a significant role in defining the city’s character and charm. From the relentless sun to the clear nights under the waxing gibbous or waxing crescent moon, Safaga’s weather is as captivating as the city itself.

Whether you’re planning a visit or just interested in learning about the weather in different parts of the world, understanding Safaga’s weather can be a fascinating study. And who knows? You might find yourself planning a trip to this sunny paradise on the Red Sea!

FAQ about Safaga Egypt Weather

What is the current water temperature in Safaga, Egypt?

At present, Safaga’s water temperature is delightfully warm at 83.3°F, typically hovering around 84°F, making it an excellent spot for prolonged swimming sessions.

How does the summer water temperature in the Mediterranean compare?

During the summer, the Mediterranean Sea tends to be slightly cooler than the Red Sea. The warmest part, the Gulf of Sidra off Libya’s coast, averages around 88°F in August, while the Gulf of Iskenderun follows closely at approximately 86°F.

Is the seawater in Egypt warm throughout the year?

Yes, Egypt’s seawater maintains a warm temperature year-round, with an average of 23 degrees, making it perfect for bathing and water activities.

What characterizes the climate in Safaga, Egypt?

Safaga experiences a climate characterized by high temperatures and abundant sunshine, with June being the hottest month averaging 29°C (84°F) and January the coldest at 15°C (59°F). The sea is warmest in August, with an average temperature of 28°C (82°F).

Does Egypt have warm water temperatures all year round?

Yes, Egypt’s water temperatures are consistently warm throughout the year, averaging around 23 degrees, making it an ideal destination for water activities.

What is the weather like in Egypt in January?

January in Egypt experiences moderate temperatures, with daily highs around 67°F and lows around 51°F. The coldest day typically falls around January 15, with an average high of 67°F.

What is the average temperature in Safaga, Egypt in November?

In November, Safaga enjoys a pleasantly warm climate, with average temperatures ranging from a high of 81°F to a low of 66°F, complemented by a gentle breeze.

What is the average temperature of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt?

On the coast of Alexandria, Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea maintains an average annual temperature of 77°F, with slight variations across seasons – 74°F in winter and spring, 78°F in summer, and 80°F in autumn.

What is the average temperature in Safaga in January?

In January, Safaga’s weather is mildly cool, with average temperatures ranging from a high of 71°F to a low of 55°F. It’s a contrast to August, the hottest month, which sees highs of 98°F and lows of 80°F.

How warm is Egypt’s water?

Egypt’s waters are consistently warm, ideal for swimming and other water activities, with an average temperature of 23 degrees.

What is Safaga’s climate like?

Safaga enjoys a warm, sunny climate, with June being the hottest month with an average temperature of 29°C (84°F), and January being the coldest at 15°C (59°F). August is the best month for swimming with an average sea temperature of 28°C (82°F).

What is the water temperature in Egypt during the summer?

In the summer, particularly in June, the waters of Egypt’s popular destinations like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada are perfect for swimming, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 82°F and an average of 80°F.

What is the average water temperature in Egypt?

On average, the water temperature on the coast of Hurghada, Egypt, is 78°F, with a minimum of 71°F in February and a maximum of 85°F in August.

Is it possible to swim in Egypt during the winter?

Yes, winter swimming in Egypt, particularly in Hurghada, is quite pleasant. The sea temperature averages 76°F, allowing for extended swim times and enjoyment of water sports.

Is the Mediterranean Sea warm enough to swim in?

The Mediterranean Sea offers a warm and inviting environment for swimmers, with water temperatures ranging between 69°F and 83°F throughout the year.