Exploring Tanta: A Journey Through Egypt’s Hidden Gem

Tucked away in the heart of Egypt’s Nile Delta region lies Tanta, a small town that often goes unnoticed by the typical tourist’s eye.

Yet, those who choose to explore Tanta are rewarded with a rich history, vibrant culture, and a unique slice of Egyptian life.

A City of Spirituality: Al Badawi Mosque and More

One of the most compelling reasons to visit Tanta is its remarkable religious heritage. The city is home to the famous Al Badawi Mosque, an architectural marvel and a significant site of Islamic worship. Named after the revered Sufi figure Ahmad Al Badawi, the mosque houses his tomb and is a focal point of the city’s spiritual identity. As you walk through the mosque’s grand archways, you can’t help but be moved by the profound sense of history and devotion that permeates the air.

The mosque is not just a place of worship, but also the epicenter of the annual Moulid of Sayid Ahmed Al Badawi festival. Held in October, this event attracts millions of visitors from across the world, making it one of Egypt’s largest religious festivals. The city comes alive with music, dance, and a vibrant display of faith, offering a unique cultural experience not to be missed.

A Walk Through History: The Tanta Museum

After exploring the city’s religious attractions, take a trip to the Tanta Museum. This museum is a treasure trove of artifacts that tell the story of Egypt’s ancient history, from the time of the Pharaohs through to the Islamic era. The museum’s collection includes an array of fascinating items, from ancient pottery and jewelry to impressive statues and tomb relics.

The Heart of the City: Exploring Tanta’s Streets

Beyond its historical and religious sites, Tanta offers a unique urban experience. The city’s streets are a bustling blend of modern life and traditional Egyptian culture. As you explore the city, you’ll find a mix of bustling markets, charming cafes, and local restaurants offering a taste of authentic Egyptian cuisine.

Walking the streets of Tanta is a journey in itself. The city’s location in the Nile Delta region gives it a distinctive character, with lush green landscapes providing a stark contrast to the desert scenery typically associated with Egypt.

Venturing Beyond Tanta

While Tanta itself has much to offer, its location makes it an ideal base for exploring other parts of Egypt. The city is conveniently located between Cairo and Alexandria, two of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations. A short trip can take you to the Pyramids of Giza or the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, making Tanta a great starting point for broader Egyptian adventures.

Additionally, the town’s proximity to the Suez Canal provides opportunities for interesting day trips. You can visit the famous waterway, learn about its history, and witness the impressive sight of massive ships navigating their way through the narrow canal.

Where to Stay: Popular Hotels in Tanta

When it comes to accommodation, Tanta offers a range of options to suit different budgets. While it may be a small town, it boasts some of the most popular hotels in the region. Whether you’re looking for luxury or budget-friendly options, you’ll find a place that suits your needs.

In the next part of the article, we’ll delve deeper into Tanta’s culinary scene, explore its shopping districts, and provide more information on the best places to stay during your visit.

A Taste of Tanta: Culinary Delights

No trip to Tanta would be complete without indulging in the local cuisine. Egyptian food is renowned for its rich flavors and diversity, and Tanta is no exception. The city is dotted with numerous restaurants and cafes that serve a variety of local and international dishes.

For a truly authentic experience, take a walk through the city’s bustling markets. Here, you’ll find a plethora of street food vendors selling traditional Egyptian fare such as koshari, falafel, and shawarma. Don’t miss the chance to try ‘feteer’, a flaky Egyptian pastry that can be enjoyed with both sweet and savory fillings.

Shopping in Tanta

If you’re looking to take a piece of Tanta back home, the city’s markets and shops are the perfect place to find unique souvenirs. From traditional Egyptian crafts and jewelry to spices and textiles, there’s something for everyone. Remember to haggle, as it’s part of the shopping experience in Egypt!

Best Places to Stay in Tanta

Choosing the right accommodation can make or break your trip. In Tanta, you can find a range of places to stay, from luxury hotels to more budget-friendly options. Some of the most popular hotels in Tanta include the Grand Hotel Tanta, offering comfortable rooms and a central location, and the El Salam Hotel, known for its friendly staff and excellent service.

Day Trips from Tanta

Given Tanta’s strategic location, there are plenty of opportunities for exciting day trips. You can explore the ancient city of Alexandria, marvel at the Pyramids of Giza, or take a cruise down the Nile. If you’re interested in history, a visit to the Rosetta Stone’s discovery site in Rashid is a must.


Tanta, often overlooked in favor of Egypt’s more famous destinations, offers a unique blend of history, culture, and urban life. Whether you’re exploring the Al Badawi Mosque, delving into ancient history at the Tanta Museum, or simply soaking up the city’s vibrant atmosphere, Tanta promises a memorable trip filled with fascinating sights and experiences.

So, the next time you’re planning a trip to Egypt, consider adding Tanta to your itinerary. It’s a small town with a big heart, waiting to be explored.

FAQ about What To Do In Tanta

What is the size of Cairo city?

Cairo, Egypt’s capital, spans an impressive area of 1,191 square miles.

Is it worth visiting Tanta?

Absolutely, Tanta, nestled in the Gharbia Governorate, offers a unique blend of spiritual heritage, vibrant culture, and sweet delicacies, making it a worthwhile destination.

Can you provide a brief history of Tanta?

Tanta’s historical significance is deeply rooted in the 13th century with the arrival of Sayyid Ahmad al-Badawi, a revered Islamic saint from Morocco. He founded a Sufi order in Tanta, which drew followers from across the globe.

Which is the largest governorate in Egypt?

The New Valley Governorate, also known as El Wadi ElGidid, holds the title of being the largest governorate in Egypt, covering approximately 440.1 thousand square kilometers.

What is a governorate in the context of Egypt?

In Egypt, a governorate is an administrative division, similar to a state or province in other countries. There are 27 governorates in Egypt, including Alexandria, Cairo, Giza, and Aswan, among others.

What is Egypt most renowned for?

Egypt is globally acclaimed for its ancient civilization, particularly the iconic monuments like the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum.

What is the largest governorate?

The largest governorate in Egypt is the New Valley Governorate.

Which country is home to the city of Tanta?

Tanta is a city located in Egypt, specifically in the Gharbia Governorate.

How many governorates does Egypt consist of?

Egypt is divided into 27 administrative regions, known as governorates.

What is Gharbia renowned for?

Gharbia Governorate, where Tanta is located, is a leading region in Egypt for linen and barley production. It’s also known for its robust livestock and poultry breeding industry.

Is Tanta an Egyptian city?

Yes, Tanta is indeed an Egyptian city, serving as the capital of the Gharbia Governorate.

Which country houses Tanta?

Tanta is situated in Egypt and is the fifth-largest city in the country.

What is Tanta best known for?

Tanta is particularly famous for its sweet candy made of gelatin, coconut, sesame, peanuts, and chickpeas, especially during the mulid festivals.

Is Tanta a governorate?

Tanta is not a governorate but is the capital city of the Gharbia Governorate in Lower Egypt.

What is the size of the Cairo Governorate?

The Cairo Governorate, home to Egypt’s capital city, covers an area of 1,191 square miles.

What makes Tanta, Egypt notable?

Tanta is notable for its unique sweet candy and its religious significance, particularly the Al Badawi Mosque and the annual Moulid of Sayid Ahmed Al Badawi festival.

How many governorates are there in Egypt?

Egypt is divided into a total of 27 governorates.

What is a governorate in Egypt?

In Egypt, a governorate is an administrative division, akin to a state or province, headed by a governor.