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    September 24, 2012

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Business Rating: 4.24     Your Rating: 1  
Category: Restaurants / All Meals
December 22, 2012
The service is extremely bad, waiters are only treating their regulars nice and the others with carelessness. I ordered a Nutella crepe, it was not real Nutella though I think it's mixed with nussa also the crepe tasted salty.
Business Rating: 4     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Restaurants / All Meals
September 25, 2012
Charlic wrap is simply an invention in the cooking world!!! I always have it with the home made fries that remind me with the ones i used love in the US. The delivery time honestly was faster than I could imagine ... I left the sandwich for more than an hour and the wrapping kept it hot and fresh... Thank you and keep it up..
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