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September 4, 2012
I just ordered FOUR gifts for 4 different occasions from the comfort of my bed; the whole process took about 10 minutes, someone will come over to pick up the money and the gifts will be directly delivered to the ppl. Such a relief. It would have probably taken me a whole day of mashaweer, traffic and frustration. The Giftery I LOVE U (hug)

Also I would like to add that when I had my baby I did my own registry with them and I have to say that my experience was wonderful. The staff is very friendly and dedicated, they helped a lot with choosing certain gifts, they know very well the content of the products on the websites and they would get out of their way to keep communication very smooth and service perfect. Not to mention my friends and family were so happy that they could simply order the gifts online or even over the phone without worrying about the hassle of going through traffic to a store, finding parking, choosing a gift, waiting inline etc... Really outstanding service!!
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