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Located at Le Pacha 1901, Saraya El Gezira Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt Phone: 0227356730

Price Bracket: High-end ($$$)

Overview of the Establishment

The term “Maharani” translates to “Empress” in English, and it holds a special place in the hearts of many Indians, symbolizing a loved one, a sweetheart, or a person held dear.

The establishment and thriving presence of this exquisite restaurant stand as a homage to women globally, whose contributions have made our lives more rich, aesthetically pleasing, full, and harmonious.

At Maharani, we are devoted to serving you the choicest and freshest dishes, presented in an enchanting Indian palace ambiance, coupled with customized and attentive service.

Our aspiration is for you to relish various “Rasas” during your dining experience with us, fulfilling your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

If you have not yet become a frequent patron, we anticipate that you soon will, captivated by what we fondly call love at first taste.