Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee began its journey in 1971, when brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa introduced their coffee to the world at 9 Newport Street in London. Just a stone’s throw away from that original location, the Costa Roastery continues to create the distinct Mocha Italia blend, a unique formulation that the Costa brothers diligently crafted.

Upon entering a Costa store, you’ll instantly recognize what sets it apart from other coffee shops. The immediate sense of warmth and welcoming ambiance is just the beginning. Following that, you’ll discover an extensive menu of genuine coffee beverages, made with what can only be described as the Ferrari of coffee machines. The experience is completed by the presence of the most dedicated and expertly trained baristas you’ll find anywhere. This unparalleled blend of qualities is what distinguishes Costa from the competition, and it’s something the company takes immense pride in.

Crafting a cup of coffee at Costa is considered an art form. It’s a process that demands patience, precision, and expertise. Each and every barista in every Costa store has undergone professional training in coffee-making, guided by the company’s own specialists. Though it may seem like a minor detail, this level of dedication ensures that customers receive a flawless cup of Costa coffee on every visit. It’s these subtle touches that truly differentiate Costa, making each coffee experience memorable and perfect.


The Mohandessin neighborhood hosts the unique branch of Costa Coffee Mohandessin.

Located in proximity to Helmy Zamora Stadium and Zamalek Sporting Club, it aligns with a series of restaurants and cafes.

Relish your preferred cup of coffee made from slow-roasted beans at this attractive coffeehouse, along with a flavorful snack or pastry.

22 Abdel Moneim Riad St.Mohandeseen, Cairo, Egypt

Phone number: 0237617956