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3 Ibn El Nabih St
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Business Hours: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM Days: All Week
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Apple Authorised Reseller & Service Provider.
Apple Authorised Reseller & Service Provider.
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4 Reviews for iSHOP

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Tarek Mongy

5 Star Rating

I took in my MacBook to upgrade its RAM from 2 to 4 GB. The staff were extremely helpful and professional, and the laptop was upgraded with no problems or hiccups; and in record time!

I would highly recommend iSHOP for all your Apple shopping and service needs. Great job.

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5 Star Rating

Its very nice, i bought my ipod from there and i loved the shop, you feel its got this very high-tech vibe !!!

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5 Star Rating

I contacted the owner and he asked me to send the ipod to check, and he took the matter in his hands personally. This is the service we should be getting from stores in Egypt from the people at the store not just the owners, but i'm sure after the treatment i got this week that what happened with me was just a mistake than happens at any place. With the offer the store posted recently on TotallyEgypt, i highly recommend people to go check out the store.

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1 Star Rating

I have to admit they have really good products basically they sell apple so you can't really go wrong, unless you face a problem like mine. I've got the worst service in my life at this store. I exchanged my Vodafone points for an ipod and when i started using the ipod the volume was too low that i couldn't hear anything. So normally i went back to the store to ask them to atleast fix it or knowing that i just bought it, they would exchange it. They took it in for about a week, and their response was "mafihoosh 7aga howa el ipod soato waty" !!! I've never seen or heard such a response, and i highly recommend you don't go there unless you're buying accessories which can't have soat waty!!!! The response was ridiculous, and i even tried and did talk to the manager who was quite decent but did nothing also. The ipod is still in my drawer, luckily i had an old one that i kept using, untill someone got me one for my birthday from the states which is working fine!!!

Owner Reply:May 29, 2011

Can you please email me with more details about your iPod situation (your name and number) and I will contact you immediately. My email is
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