The Cairo Cellar , Zamalek , Cairo , Egypt

The Cairo Cellar

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22 Taha Hussein Street
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

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First to Review:   Kimo
Business Description:
The oldest pub-restaurant in town.
The oldest pub-restaurant in town.
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7 Reviews for The Cairo Cellar

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Reviews Number 13


5 Star Rating

Very comfortable; like a hide out..sort of.

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El Manial

4 Star Rating

Very nice place and nice food.

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5 Star Rating

best place ever , amazing food and stuff simply its my fav

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Reviews Number 13

El Katameya

5 Star Rating

Excellent memories, haven't been there in a while though, but i think they still have the best calamari plate in town.

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Garden City

4 Star Rating

At a point this was an outing where we used to go with our parents! This must have been a minimum of 20 years ago! I have so many lovely memories at the cellar playing with my family friends especially mixing every in a glass and tricking some one to drink it. Uptill now I remember the calamari which was the best In town and still is. I'm very attached to that place cause when you're inside you don't feel you're in Egypt and I think this is something we all like :)

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Paolo Malpense

5 Star Rating

I agree it does have amazing food, and a friendly atmosphere, but there's much more to the food. I've been living in Egypt for a while now, and i can say that the cellar has the best mezzah plates in Egypt, the fried calamari is incredible. I also had something called fagafeeg but won't say what it is till you taste it, cause if i tell you then forget putting in your mouth....

The bar is quite nice but too dark, just don't go before sunset as you will feel very awkward from dark to daylight suddenly especially that the place is underground.

Oh and make sure you tell your friends where you are before cause the mobile network is bad, so if you're meeting someone they'd better be punctual, cause you wont' reach each other by phone. But its great actually this mobile thing, as you get to disconnect for an hour or two especially if you're the type that gets business calls all day and night

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6th of October

5 Star Rating

Amazing food, nice and friendly atmosphere

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