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SISTRUM SISTRUM was founded in 2004 with the mission of creating and developing ideas into businesses that solve an existing need or problem in the market. Each of those projects uses SISTRUM’s infrastructure and is incubated within SISTRUM until it can fly on its own. Projects that are developed should adhere to SISTRUM’’s sistrumizing pri...

SISTRUM was founded in 2004 with the mission of creating and developing ideas into businesses that solve an existing need or problem in the market. Each of those projects uses SISTRUM’s infrastructure and is incubated within SISTRUM until it can fly on its own. Projects that are developed should adhere to SISTRUM’’s sistrumizing principles and should contribute to each other, whether by sharing resources or contributing to each other’s business’s.

The SISTRUMIZING principle

Your right for outstanding service

SISTRUM’s customers must receive guidance and will be treated with the utmost care. If problems should arise, we will handle it from A-Z.

Your right for variety and quality

SISTRUM’s customers will have a variety of high quality products to choose from, It is our duty to make sure that products offered are up to standard.

Your right for comfort

All possible forms of comfort must be developed and applied; our job is not to say what can’t be done our but rather to find solutions for existing problems.

Your right too trust

SISTRUM's customer will not at anytime be misguided for the sake of a sale, if we can’t do it, we will direct you to someone who can. SISTRUM never looks for just one sale, but rather strives to build a strong and long-term relationship with its customers. Your satisfaction is our only goal and your return to us is our greatest benchmark for success. We only deal with the best because you demand it from us.

Our Duty to development

SISTRUM’s management, employees, divisions and companies have a duty to the society around them. We must work hard to promote development, improve what’s around us and never run away from a problem but rather face it head on with confidence, every employee is expected to develop and generate ideas. To Sistrumize is to make things better and that is our main aim and core principle.

The Whole Product

SISTRUM’s products or services, must offer its customers the whole product, which means that the customer’s entire shopping experience must be outstanding. Product mix must be continually developed, customers interaction with SISTRUM must be continuously improved general experience with the company must be positive.

Corporate Sistrum

Corporate Sistrum provides IT products such as Acer, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft and many other brands to business’s who are looking for


Especially in the competitive IT market the customers need for quality and a trusted source is very high. We provide this by only working with authorized Distributers who guarantee manufacturers warranties.

Information source:

Customers demand to know exactly what they are buying; therefore we provide detailed product descriptions, specifications and full support regarding product inquires or post sales information.


Because we are Customer loyal and not brand loyal, our customer has the choice to select from a wide range of products that fulfill all their business’s IT needs.

Trusted source:

Because we work directly with Authorized distributers our products are fully covered under manufacturer warranties. We do not work with gray products which are imported illegally by other suppliers. We work very closely with our customers and our distributors to better position products and assist our customers in solving problems if and when they appear.


We offer our customers financing schemes that will make it possible for them to buy products they need, not just what they can afford.


We guarantee that by working with us we will cut down on your work load by at least 20% giving you more time to focus on your business issues.

Because we fall under Sistrum management, we are bound by Sistrum’s “sistrumizing principles”. What we do better than our competition is continuously studying our customers to find out what they need and how we can serve them better. We are continuously working on increasing our product lines and sectors to give our customers more options and flexibility.


e3050.com is Egypt’s first online retailer offering its customers a chance to buy products online and have them delivered to their door step.

What we offer?


Our goal is to develop a platform where Manufacturers and Distributers can offer their full range of products in one location to customers all over Egypt. Our job is to properly present those products, offer them in-depth reports on customer shopping behavior, shopping patterns and customer requests and problems faced. This can be done through observing how our customers interact with e3050.com.


We provide our customers with a huge variety of IT and electronics products available on e3050.com. By using e3050.com customers shopping experience becomes easier. Customers have the freedom to search our database of products with more items and product information available than any other IT retailer in Egypt.
By ordering through e3050.com customers don’t have to go from shop to shop, looking for the products they want. With us, it’s as simple as search, choose and click, we do the rest and products are delivered to our customers within 48 hours.
e3050.com’s is extremely focused on customer comfort and satisfaction. That is why we work very closely with banks, suppliers, service centers and much more to better our performance and to continuously offer our customers the best possible service.

What do we stand for?

We respect our customers above all and always /remember that you came to us by choice. We do everything to maintain our customer’s loyalty and trust. We listen to our customers; we are helpful, supportive and responsive and always try to outperform our customers’ expectations.
Our basic business principles that make your shopping experience more rewarding:

Comfort: The easy way to order online or on the phone, the delivery to your door step within 24 hours and the outstanding service ensure the comfort you deserve.

Variety: We provide you not only with a wide range of fully authorized products but also enable you to compare those products in order for you to be sure that what you are buying is what you want. We foster innovation and aim to offer you up to date, state of the art products, which will provide you with the variety you desire.

Outstanding service: We provide you with pre, during and post shopping service and ensure that whenever there is a problem, we are there to help you.

Why us?

Why should you become a SISTRUM customer and why use e3050.com? Simply; because you want high quality products and nothing less, this paired with outstanding service, a huge variety and the most comfort available. In short, a unique shopping experience that you cannot get anywhere else in Egypt.
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What started out as a good experience ended badly. I registered and ordered an item which was mentioned as in Stock on the website. I got a phone call from them to confirm my order and an email confirmation as well. I was told that they would call me again to arrange delivery.
2 days later my phone rings i dont pick up and find it 5 minutes later a missed call from their number, I call back no one picks up and i find an email telling me that they tried to reach me (1 missed call, the email was sent 5 minutes later, It felt like 2essbat 7ala, which rubbed me the wrong way)
and some info which i assume suggests that the product is out of stock (although mentioned online that it was). I'm not sure so I email them back to confirm this...No reply...I send 2 more emails and no one replies...
Thanks for nothing

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Tarek Mongy

4 Star Rating

I ordered a phone from e3050 last week and the process was handled very well.

I chose to pay by credit card, but that turned out to be a hassle, because they require that you send them a copy of your passport/ID and a copy of the credit card you used. This defeated the purpose of using a credit card in the first place (convenience) so I would definitely recommend only using the cash on delivery method when ordering from them.

Other than that, the sales staff contacted me promptly to arrange delivery, and the package arrived on the expected date.

Overall, I would recommend this website and I'm glad to see high quality e-commerce sites finally appearing in Egypt.

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5 Star Rating

Great website, i've been buying everything need online and they deliver it to my house in Cairo. Actually they are based in Cairo and i pay at delivery cause i'm still not really the trusting type for any kind of online payment, especially in Egypt, don't want my credit card to get in to the wrong hands. I bought a laptop last week and its great to actually compare prices and specs online and just order whatever you want..

Its like ordering pizza but instead you're actually ordering your new laptop!!!

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