Cairo Jazz Club , Agouza , Cairo , Egypt

Cairo Jazz Club

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197, 26 of July Street
Sphinx Square
Agouza, Cairo, Egypt
0233459939 , 01068804764
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Business Hours: 4:00 PM - 2:00 AM Days: All Week
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First to Review:   Malooka
Business Description:
Cairo Jazz Club stage showcases live music every night of the week. The line up changes daily allowing each night to acquire its own flavor.
Cairo Jazz Club stage showcases live music every night of the week. The line up changes daily allowing each night to acquire its own flavor.
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3 Reviews for Cairo Jazz Club

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4 Star Rating

So, I liked the guy at the door (maybe its a different one), he was all smiles, cute and funny, the bartender was charming and the fellow sitting next to my friends and I said I was gorgeous so I was happy :P The crowd is unpretentious and friendly in a normal way.
I also like the interior at CJC.

What I really wish for is better music...something richer and a more cultured sound than techno/house or messy jazz. CJC would be a great venue for oriental or modern oriental sounds. Maybe they have it there but never on the few nights I've been.

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Tarek Mongy

4 Star Rating

Great place to have a drink and listen to some live music. I would go during the weekdays as it can get super crowded on the weekends.

There are two things I dislike about it though. First, the super annoying guy at the door as mentioned by Malooka and his "coubles" line; seriously annoying. Second is the amount of smoke in the place when it's crowded! They really should invest in some proper ventilation for the place.

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Garden City

4 Star Rating

Really cool place if you like live music. Its absolutely amazing, with someone different playing almost every night. Food isn't actually good, and drinks are just drinks, i wouldn't go for a cocktail, but beer is beer.
They've got an idiot at the door but he's not a real problem, although they annoy some of my guy friends when they are going alone and state that the place is "coubles".
Last time they told my friend this when we were inside and i'd say there were about 10 girls and 50 guys in the place, so i don't understand really the coubles theory.

Let aside this door issue the place is really cool, and is considered to be one of the liveliest place in Cairo, especially that it lacks any sign of show-off and pretentious people.

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