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157 26 of July Street
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

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Business Description:
The newest addition to La Bodega. Lounge/Bar/Restaurant offering top quality service for those who are looking for a fun night in Cairo
The newest addition to La Bodega. Lounge/Bar/Restaurant offering top quality service for those who are looking for a fun night in Cairo
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9 Reviews for Aperitivo

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Reviews Number 4

Sarah Lawrence

4 Star Rating

Great place, good service and the music isn't too loud so it makes the perfect place to have that relxed aperitivo. Thankfully its not full of kids either.

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Orn Ny

5 Star Rating

This is a great place.

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Reviews Number 9


5 Star Rating

Love the Decor & the menu is awesome!!

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5 Star Rating

Really enjoyed Aperitivo. The wait staff is sleek, attentive and quiet; food was really nice with a fine gourmet touch. What I liked most is the building and location, especially the way it is off of the street and up the 'marble' stairs. The interior is well but not over done with it's art deco details like the beautiful huge mirror. It's comfortable but elegant.

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4 Star Rating

Great place, nice atmosphere, nagging french woman (manager). Give it a shot, its worth the try. The food is expensive , drinks prices are o'k.

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6th of October

5 Star Rating

Amazing atmosphere and service

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4 Star Rating

The food is great, much better than the old Boudiga. However, the reservations are horrible. They either never answer, give an excuse that the place is fully booked, or say that they can not take an reservations until the head of the office comes. And as for me if its so difficult to book a place, it becomes more of a burden to go there.

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Paolo Malpense

5 Star Rating

Last night was my first night at Aperitivo since the place was closed down for renovation. I have to say WOW, someone really did an effort!!!!
The place still has the La Bodega charm, but is just really cool, with two bars, the place doesn't get crammed. Still there's a problem of ventilation from all the smoke, but come on thats everywhere not just there.

I didn't get a chance to eat, although a couple of friends really enjoyed their meals. The beer was Stella so i mean nothing to do with the place, and i don't really fancy a mojito for example, i like to stick to basics.

The music is quite chilled although i could only hear it when i walked in and the place was still empty but i think at like 11 or so i couldn't hear except the noise of people having fun and few screams every now and then saying "shots shots" so i guess people were really having fun last night.
I have to say i've been living in this city now for over 3 years, and definitely after what i've seen last night this place is my top destination in Cairo, especially that they still choose their clients well, and aren't just greedy to bring in anyone who will pay.

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Garden City

5 Star Rating

I really don't know who did the interior design of this place, but really GOOD JOB!!!
The place is really nice, its still got the fun comfy feeling of La Bodega, but with a hip touch which makes it in my opinion the top night spot in the capital, and as Bodega has been there for a long time, i think this place has opened to stay on top for a long time.

The food is a much better improvement from the previous place, although the staff is the same which is quite good as they were always very friendly.

The drinks are definitely the same or maybe there are some cocktails but i haven't tried any yet, i stick to my red wine.

The prices of the place are still reasonable and nothing like the rip off place across the nile in the twin towers :)

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5 Star Rating

Its the right side of La Bodega, so don't think we've got a new destination in Cairo. Although the place is the same, they did a wonderful job completely renovating the old place and turning it into a really cool destination. The cocktails are ok, but honestly in a place like this, i'd expect more.

They've got two bars inside the place which is great and divides the crowd a bit thus making the place less congested and smokey. The food there is actually quite an improvement from the predecessor.

What strucks me is that people are still in love with the place, and when you walk in you still see the same crowd who are probably there everyday as alot of people consider the place a second home.

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