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22 Taha Hussein Street
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

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First to Review:   Paolo Malpense
Business Description:
At the President Hotel in Zamalek, new cocktail bar and hot spot serving fresh cocktails mixed by British bartenders and a delicious menu, all set in a sleek and elite environment!
At the President Hotel in Zamalek, new cocktail bar and hot spot serving fresh cocktails mixed by British bartenders and a delicious menu, all set in a sleek and elite environment!
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11 Reviews for Amici

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5 Star Rating

Very nice music &DJs,really nice tropical cocktails and shots. The food is acceptable compared to most bars in Cairo. Atmosphere in general is really welcoming and nice.The guy standing at the door is gentle and understanding but he won't let any one that looks young in.If you want to get in and your the right age you have to get your ID.

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ahmed shehab ali

1 Star Rating

i think the guy at the door needs to be dismissed i'm 18 and my friends are older than me 21 & 20 yrs old but he refused to let us in it wasnt my first time to go to nightclubs with my friends, at first he was fine he told us to wait for 10 minutes then we stayed there 1 hour watching everyone going in (specially girls even if they were 17 yrs) then he started to be rude i called for the manager he refused also .. in Amici you should be 21 to let you go in or get a girl it will be much easier !

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3 Star Rating

1st I don't drink so I can't tell you about bar stuff but I can say the bar is tiny!!
But I think it's a good place !

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1 Star Rating

This place is pretty much awful. 200LE minimum charge to sit and 100LE minimum charge at the bar (standing) on the weekends. Why can't drinking be social?

Nobody wants to spend all night in a faux bar *bleep* lounge with a down-talking manager and smarmy bar staff.

Also, this place is not small. It's an average size place for any metropolis. The problem is that they make you sit so they can earn more money.

Note to management - if you make most people stand, you can fit more people, and make more money. Nobody wants to stay for more than 2 drinks anyway.

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2 Star Rating

Awful place, i think everyone there is underage or i'm getting too old. I went a few days ago when i was in Cairo, and honestly i didn't feel comfortable, the drinks were good, but the ambiance is weird. There's a vibe which i didn't like, everyone states that the guy at the door is annoying and i really agree, its not like the VIP place of the world. To be honest the guy wasn't rude but he was just annoying, and when we went in the place was empty and stayed empty so leh el tamseel min el akher ???

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3 Star Rating

They need to do something about the guy at the door, he's not a real door selector and doesn't recognize regular guests! other than that the place is fine

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2 Star Rating

Cocktails are good, they have a nice setup definitely but the crowd is weird, its like ur abroad in a weird place. Doesn't feel like Cairo, but people really did look weird, i mean all the guys have some sort of piercing which isn't quite common in Egypt. But the place itself is nice, although the guy at the door is quite annoying, i think he believes he's standing at the gates of heaven or something.
The only thing that makes this place worth seeing are a few excellent cocktails and the Karaoke night every sunday!!!

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Garden City

2 Star Rating

I passed by the place after having my shishe at sequoia, it's nice but honestly really overrated I mean I always thought this would be the hippest bar in town, very normal and ordinary honestly. The entrance is kind of weird especially that plant in the staircase. But the place isn't bad over all honestly but I was actually hoping for better

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5 Star Rating

Nice place, but kind of tiny!!! Excellent cocktails

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El Katameya

5 Star Rating

Really cool tiny bar hidden at the President Hotel in Zamalek. Its definitely a place worth visiting...

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Paolo Malpense

5 Star Rating

Passed by the place a few days ago. Really nice setup although the place is what i could call tiny. The cocktails are really good, though the waiters seem to be still training, but the bartenders are very friendly, and know how to mix !!!

Highly recommended!

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