Aquarius Bar

Nestled in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh, a city known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning natural beauty, you’ll find the Aquarius Bar. This popular watering hole is the epitome of the city’s lively spirit and friendly atmosphere.


The Aquarius Bar is conveniently located within the premises of the Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort, a prime spot on the map of Sharm El Sheikh. The resort is situated at Ras Um El Sid Cliff, South Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Inside Coral Beach Rotana Resort – Montazah

Ras Nasrani, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Contact Information

The bar is part of the Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort, so you can find more information or make inquiries through the resort’s official website or contact number.

Phone number: 0693670200

Business Hours

The Aquarius Bar is open daily, ready to serve its patrons. However, the specific opening and closing hours may vary, so it’s recommended to check with the resort for the most accurate information.

Detailed Description

The Aquarius Bar is a haven for those seeking a relaxing evening after a day of exploring Sharm El Sheikh. It boasts a wide selection of beverages, from expertly crafted cocktails to a variety of local and international beers and wines. The bar’s ambiance is a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort, with its tastefully designed interiors and cozy seating arrangements.

The bar also offers a delightful menu of light snacks and appetizers, perfect for satisfying your cravings while you enjoy your drink. The service at Aquarius Bar is often praised for being attentive and friendly, ensuring a pleasant experience for every guest.

Reviews and Ratings

The Aquarius Bar has been lauded by visitors for its excellent service, wide range of beverages, and inviting atmosphere. Many have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of drinks and the bar’s overall ambiance, describing it as a perfect spot for a relaxed evening. However, these are rephrased sentiments and not direct quotes from reviews.

Please note that while every effort has been made to provide accurate information, it’s always best to check the latest details with the venue or resort directly.

Entertainment and Events

Aquarius Bar is not just about drinks and snacks. It’s also a hub of entertainment. The bar often hosts live music events, featuring both local and international artists. These events add a new level of vibrancy and excitement to the bar’s atmosphere, making it an even more appealing destination for music lovers and those looking to unwind with some good tunes.

The Setting

The setting of Aquarius Bar is another of its many charms. The bar is designed to blend seamlessly with the resort’s overall aesthetic, providing a sense of continuity and harmony. The décor is a mix of modern and traditional elements, with a touch of local culture, creating a unique and welcoming environment.

The seating area is spacious and comfortable, perfect for both large groups and intimate gatherings. The lighting is soft and warm, adding to the bar’s cozy and relaxed ambiance. From the bar, guests can also enjoy stunning views of the resort and its surroundings, adding another layer of enjoyment to their visit.


In conclusion, Aquarius Bar in Sharm El Sheikh is more than just a bar. It’s a place where you can relax, enjoy good music, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Sharm El Sheikh. With its excellent service, wide selection of drinks, and inviting atmosphere, it’s a must-visit destination for anyone visiting the city.

Please remember that while I’ve strived to provide the most accurate information possible, it’s always best to check directly with the venue or resort for the most up-to-date details.