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    6th of October

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    August 23, 2012

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Category: Nightlife / Bars
August 23, 2012
I'm sorry but just uncomfortable venue.....
unfriendly staff,cramped space,sometimes boring sound....maybe you can find much more comfortable place in any beach area in the world,as long as there's a beach.....
If you are a girl,you will hear the word "sharmuta" by their local language,it means "prostitute",maybe it's fun to count how many times you hear this word per hour....
If you are a man,just pick up and record what the staff says in their local language behind you,and then just send it to Ministry of tourism or upload on Youtube or anywhere,kind Arabic speakers will tell you what they say...
It's better to show how it is in Egypt actually,
thanks to the world heritage and good location in the world Egypt has many tourists,no other reasons,never because of the staff there,they must know themselves,but sooner or later tourist will tell you the truth,if the God exists as they believe.
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