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    January 24, 2011

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Category: Food / Luxury Food
January 24, 2011
The opening of the new store seems to be following the rising trend of frozen yoghurt in the food industry abroad. It isn’t clear whether it springs from a new-found emphasis on health consciousness or if it’s simply another passing trend foodies enjoy for a short time before discovering something else.

Whatever it may be, Maybe Two has quite a bit to offer those seeking something tasty to satisfy their sweet tooth: An in-store poster reads, “Zero Cholesterol, Zero Fat, Low Calories, Low Sugar.”

Frozen yoghurt tastes like watered down regular yoghurt. But with 31 percent of one’s recommended daily value of calcium, it is perhaps reason enough to at least try it once and see for yourself whether such a food oddity will become a personal favorite.

The concept is to pick and choose what flavor of frozen yoghurt you want, and what toppings to go with it. At the moment, Maybe Two in Cairo offers 
original, watermelon flavored yoghurt, and a special in house flavor of mixed berries named ‘Maybe 2” and toppings to go along with it include blackberries, raspberries, assorted seasonal fruits, cookies, candy and granola.

Coming in sizes of mini (8 Oz) regular (25 Oz) or colossal (40 Oz), at a cost of LE 15, LE 25, and LE 40 respectively, it isn’t a cheap treat in comparison to other popular ice cream outlets such as Mandarine Koueider or Sultana ice cream in Cairo. The total price can surprise a paying customer when selecting 3 toppings (LE 28), 4 toppings (LE 42) or 5 toppings (LE 55). Be warned: toppings are sparse: two blackberries were counted out carefully for my mini original yoghurt. The emphasis seems to be on the light and refreshing taste of the yoghurt.

But if it’s an intense dose of fruit and granola you want, they also offer parfaits and smoothies.

Maybe Two:
Address: 5 Aboul Feda Sreet, Om Kalthoum Tower, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.
Phone number: +2-02-2735-7010 or +2-011-664-6668
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