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Business Rating: 4.8     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Restaurants / All Meals
January 16, 2012
Excellent pasta quality, amazing and wide variety of sauces, i recommend pasta with kofta. Newly added sandwiches to the menu are delicious, highly recommend you try the chicken sandwich, probably the best i've had in ages.
Business Rating: 4.17     Your Rating: 3  
Category: Restaurants / Dinner
December 27, 2011
Ok so this place has been there for a really long time now, and its still successful, and basically is the place you go to when you have nothing else to do. Food is ok not that bad, drinks are fine. The real problem is to actually reach them if you wanna make a booking, and if you do you'll find that unfriendly French manager who will give you s... before you actually make your booking. She's so annoying that it makes you wanna go somewhere else.
Business Rating: 4.33     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Restaurants / Lunch
December 27, 2011
One of Cairo's best restaurants. Excellent food, cause they make you anything you want, you don't really have to stick to the menu if you don't want to. Great service, waiters are extremely friendly and really make you feel at home. The food is delicious and the view from the place is one of the best in Cairo, although i would have loved if it were on a higher floor but its no biggie.
Business Rating: 5     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Cafés / Shisha
December 21, 2011
Really a superb place, food is excellent, ambiance is amazing, and its one of those places that can be called a hidden treasure in the heart of Zamalek. I recommend everyone to check out the place, and the shisha is also amazing, excellent quality and service is impeccable.
Business Rating: 5     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Nightlife / Lounges
December 19, 2011
Really good sushi and probably one of my favorite places in Hurghada if not my favorite.
Business Rating: 2     Your Rating: 2  
Category: Restaurants / All Meals
December 19, 2011
In France Paul is for quick pastries and sometimes sandwiches. Maybe in some of their shops you can sit for a coffee but that is the max. I was shocked when i went and found a whole menu with steaks and as if i'm actually at a restaurant. The food is good the place is nice, and clean. Its super expensive for being Paul. Ok so i give it a low rating because simply it has nothing to do with the real Paul, although it is real, and not a cheap imitation of the real place.
Business Rating: 5     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Restaurants / All Meals
December 13, 2011
By Far the Best Foul i've had in ages, i have to say nothing beats in Cairo. But they aren't as good ofcourse as Mohamed Ahmed in Alexandria, but really i think its the best in Cairo. Also the best thing about the place is that its really clean and you have nothing to worry about regarding the quality !!!
Business Rating: 4.65     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Restaurants / Dinner
December 11, 2011
By far my favorite place in Egypt !!! From an amazing view to comfortable seating to excellent shisha, and the best food !!!
Business Rating: 4.3     Your Rating: 2  
Category: Restaurants / Dinner
December 11, 2011
I don't know why people are writing so much good stuff about the place while someone just got food poisoning from eating there!!! Anyway to be honest the place itself is nice and cozy, and the karaoke night is lots of fun. The worst bit about the place is the food actually, its really quite greasy and oily. Haven't tried this carrot cake but it really can't be that good with the quality of wings i've had !!!
Business Rating: 5     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Shopping / Malls
December 8, 2011
If you live in 6 October, now there is no need to head to City Stars. This mall really is huge and has everything you've got from shopping outlets to food and dining outlets. Really the best thing that happened to 6 October city in years :)
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