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Business Rating: 3.5     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Shopping / Boutiques
November 10, 2010
Forget Paolo...

If you like style and you like unique, then The Counter is your one stop shop for the right style frame. Forget the commercial brands, this place has frames you will adore. Quirky, eccentric, mod, has a frame for all those who love individuality.

The Counter store- Atlantis Hotel Dubai- exquisite, and so are the frames.
The Counter stand at Bloomingdales- Dubai Mall, the collections are the most unique set of frames iv seen anywhere in the world.

Kudos to Ms Cherine Magrabi for taste and originality.
Business Rating: 3.25     Your Rating: 4  
Category: Cafés / Shisha
September 7, 2010
A great spot to have a good shisha in mohandeseen. It has both an indoor (air conditioned) and outdoor area, and you can have shisha in both locations.

The food is ok, not great but it does the job. The menu is your typical egyptian cafe style menu. The people are varied, but its definitely a relaxed crowd that are just there to relax and chat. If you want to socialise then this is definitely not the place to go; you should head over to La Pietra or something.
Business Rating: 2     Your Rating: 3  
Category: Nightlife / Bars
May 6, 2010
If I was writing this review a few months ago I would have given Arabesque a 5-star rating easily.

However, lately there has been a shift to the worse in the people at the place. A younger crowd with unfamiliar faces makes you feel out of place. I would rather go to La Bodega on any night!
Business Rating: 4     Your Rating: 4  
Category: Restaurants / All Meals
May 6, 2010
A great crowd can be found at La Pietra on literally any day of the week. The food is excellent and the shisha is good.

The only problem is the limited area available for shisha smoking as it is only allowed in the outdoor area which is not very spacious.
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