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May 28, 2015
i was searching around to buy a camera and have found a good deal on jumia. it was a nikon 3100 with VR lens. I sent an email to ask about the lens and they confirmed the qualification. then i purchased it. but it came with a normal lens without VR. i called the costumer service about the problem and they asked me to return it so they can fix the problem. after many emails and phone calls finally they said that they would send the courier tomorrow and waited for him but no one came. ten days passed, still no one. i sent another email and respond was “he’s coming tomorrow”! of course he didn’t.

actually in the beginning the courier of jumia asked more money than written on the receipt and i had to deal with it but i thought it was a misunderstanding. now, i think there is a trust issue here.

i gave up. i won’t return the camera because i don’t trust that they will send it back with the proper lens or i can get my money back. at least i have a camera now. i don’t want to lose it.

costumer service always talks kindly and give promises to fix the problem but i feel they’re joking and waiting me to give up. ok, i gave up.

But i will never buy anything from jumia again and my advice for those who intend to do shopping from jumia: DON’T!
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