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September 16, 2014
To whom it may concern;

I am very disappointed at what the Four Seasons San Stefano has turned into. As you may now that I have been a regular guest at the Four Seasons outlets since it opened. I have lunch at Fresca on Friday, I am at Le Bar on Thursday, and midweek between Bleu and The Beach area. I would like to express my great displeasure with your service and food.

Yesterday I was at the beach which is where I go 2-3 times a week and I was asked to pay a minimum charge of 185 EGP which I never do given the fact that I have been a regular guest and I was told that I should not pay minimum charge for that reason as I am there almost every day. The waiter first tried negotiating with me to decrease the minimum charge which is disrespectful and I refused. Then the supervisor ‘Mr. Islam Ahmed’ came to speak to me. Mr. Islam was very rude and arrogant, and did not seem to be very efficient. He first told me ‘I don’t care who told you not to pay a minimum charge but these are the rules and you have to follow.’ He said at one point ‘The only people that don’t pay a minimum charge are in house guests because you they are paying a fortune on the room rate.’ Who says that?! This is very unprofessional and unacceptable. He also said at the end ‘I will remove the minimum charge this time as an exception but next time don’t come here saying I won’t pay because you will.’
I also think that the minimum charge system is illegal in Egypt.

As I may have shared before my disapproval of Fresca’s service and food. Waiters are still not organized properly, it takes ages to place an order and even more time for the order to arrive. The quality of food is dreadful.

Last I would finally like to express my great shock as I entered the right-hand lobby’s toilet. I had to take pictures after seeing it this way for a long time. No face towels, no soap, and no tissue!

This could cause the Four Seasons to lose a lot of guests and corporate contracts. Because I don’t think our company or any of our associates would like our business guests to be treated in such way and face such bad service. I cannot allow respectful executives flying from half way cross the world to be put in such situations. This gives a bad image of Egypt, The Four Seasons, our companies, and most of all myself.

I have been to many Four Seasons hotels around the country and abroad. I am sorry this is not a Four Seasons hotel.

Thank you for your concern,
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