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    May 16, 2011

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Business Rating: 4.5     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Shopping / Boutiques
August 16, 2011
Love it they have really good stuff
Business Rating: 4.2     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Food / Bakeries and Pastry Shops
August 16, 2011
I have to admit this place has the best cupcakes in town and actually we even voted on it as a group of 20 friends and that was the conclusion. Wish i could find their store more over Cairo.

Business Rating: 4.67     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Nightlife / Lounges
August 10, 2011
One of the freshest sushi in Egypt, really amazing quality, and excellent service. Who ever goes to Sharm, must visit it at least once !!!
Business Rating: 4.4     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Food / Bakeries and Pastry Shops
August 10, 2011
Bought a box of those Ramadan Cup Cakes to a fitar i was invited to, and everyone loved it, and i have to say i got alot of compliments for bringing the most original dessert. So Have to say thank you Nola :)
Business Rating: 5     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Restaurants / Dinner
August 10, 2011
Really nice and clean and it has excellent service. I actually went in Ramadan, like first weekend and it was really good.
Business Rating: 4.24     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Restaurants / All Meals
August 10, 2011
Best shisha in ramadan :)
Business Rating: 5     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Restaurants / All Meals
May 23, 2011
Really like this place, i just love going there and having shisha, the only thing is that they are not open all year round, unless they've changed something
Business Rating: 4.93     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Online / Online Shopping
May 22, 2011
Lovely website, and great stuff, i'm yet to order from it, but reading the reviews i can tell the service is excellent
Business Rating: 4     Your Rating: 2  
Category: Food / Luxury Food
May 18, 2011
Nice things, but a complete rip off!!!
Business Rating: 3     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Hotels and Travel / Travel Services
May 18, 2011
Best company in Egypt to plan your trip, they handle everything for you from A-Z !!! All you need to do is tell them where you want to go or just let them suggest, and they do the rest from visa's to tickets, to accommodation!!! They even recommend restaurants, nightlife, and shopping areas for you to visit.
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