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    September 16, 2010

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Business Rating: 4.8     Your Rating: 4  
Category: Online / Websites
September 23, 2010
I checked Fashion threads a couple of times before and the interesting thing about it is that it covers a lot of the clothing stores sales and openings in Egypt and it has helped me a lot in deciding what to buy for my girlfriend in a couple of occasions.
Business Rating: 4.78     Your Rating: 4  
Category: Nightlife / Bars
September 16, 2010
Great place, nice atmosphere, nagging french woman (manager). Give it a shot, its worth the try. The food is expensive , drinks prices are o'k.
Business Rating: 4.65     Your Rating: 5  
Category: Restaurants / Dinner
September 16, 2010
Amazing spot for all those sheesha/mezza lovers, i have been going to Sequoia for ages now and still i appreciate going there even more.

@Paolo , i think we met at Sequoia before :)
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