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2019 - Night Hunter

Night Hunter  

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Starring: Henry Cavill, Ben Kingsley, Alexandra Daddario, Stanley Tucci, Minka Kelly
Director: David Raymond, Michael Barrett, Bryan R. Burns, Puneet Chawla, Aric Dupere, Robert Fowler, Kevin Hourigan
Runtime: 98 mins
6.3 out of 10
Summary: A police task force traps an online predator, only to discover that the depth of his crimes goes far beyond anything they had anticipated.
Playing At: Cine Plex Green Plaza
06:30 PM, 09:30 PM, 12:30 AM

Royal Renaissance Sun City Cinema
10:15 AM, 12:45 PM, 03:45 PM, 06:45 PM, 09:45 PM, 12:45 AM

Cairo Festival City Cinema
08:00 PM, 10:30 PM, 01:00 AM