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Kala and Byblos Iftar Buffet , Alexandria , Egypt

Kala and Byblos Iftar Buffet

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Category: Other
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When: -
Where: Four Seasons Alexandria at San Stefano
3.5 Star Rating
399 El Geish Road
How: [ Event Site ]
Reservations: (03) 581 8000 /
Cost: EGP 240
Submitted by:
For indoor options Kala and Byblos Restaurant open their doors for the iftar buffet, all decorated in Ramadan style with elegant extravagance.

"Our experienced chefs are so keen to deliver the most delicious om-Ali pudding, homemade khoshaf (dried dates soaked in milk) and amar dl din apricot drink. And don’t forget the appetizing tajine of okra with lamb, moussaka and Tourly,"
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