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Fatma Keshk - Towards Creative Heritage Narratives , Cairo , Egypt

Fatma Keshk - Towards Creative Heritage Narratives

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Where: Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC)
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NVIC - Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo
1, Dr. Mahmoud Azmi Street, Zamalek, Egypt
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"From Storytelling to Educational Curricula: Towards More Creative Narratives for Archaeological Heritage"

In the past few years, there is an increasing interest from many scholars and institutions involved in archaeological fieldwork in Egypt to organize outreach activities including storytelling sessions and other activities with the local communities living in the surrounding of archaeological sites. At the same time, there are some initiatives taken by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to engage with the young students through customized museums’ visits in the aim of enhancing the links between heritage outreach, educational institutions and general audiences. Nevertheless, these important steps towards increasing the knowledge on archaeological heritage are still lacking a guiding methodology.

Increasing local knowledge on the values of archaeological heritage in Egypt is absolutely one of the major steps towards sustainable development of local communities. Based on experience of more than 10 years of encounter with local communities in Sinai, Aswan, Western Delta, Eastern Delta and even in Nubia, Fatma Keshk started, in May 2016, working on an ongoing research entitled: “Knowledge of Archaeological Heritage in Egypt”.

This research aims to present a thorough review on the current state of heritage knowledge in Egypt between various groups of people, study the local differences affecting this knowledge and finally suggest an initial guiding framework for current and future heritage outreach projects.

This talk aims to present a summary of the ongoing research of “Knowledge of Archaeological Heritage in Egypt”, with a special focus on case studies from some of the archaeological sites in Aswan such as Elephantine Island, the Fatimid Cemetery of Aswan and Bigge Island.

Fatma Keshk is an Egyptologist and Field Archaeologist working on several archaeological sites in Egypt since 2008 in Saqqarah, Aswan, South Sinai and Western Delta. She is the former head for the Archaeology and Architecture Department at CULTNAT (2014-2016). In 2011, she obtained her Master Degree in Archaeology from Universiteit Leiden / Leiden University in the Netherlands and is currently working on her PhD research in Egyptian Archaeology at the Free University of Berlin. One of her main career goals is to enhance the links between the local communities and their own heritage. Since 2007, she was part of several outreach activities targeting the local communities in Sinai, Aswan, Western Delta, Nubia and Assyut.

! attention !
The number of seats is limited. Our doors open at 5:30 and close at 6:15 or earlier in case the lecture room has reached its full capacity (out of safety considerations).
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