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Resilience and Mindfulness in Cairo with Seham Kafafi , Cairo , Egypt

Resilience and Mindfulness in Cairo with Seham Kafafi

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When: -
Where: Nun Center
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Nūn Center
4 Shafik Mansour, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
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Cairo is the 5th most stressful city in the world (CNN Travel). While stress and trauma are unwelcome guests that have been overdoing their stay, Egyptians have one common trait: resilience-the ability to recover quickly from difficult situations. While we may not be able to bring immediate change to our current climate, we can change our relationship with personal stress and prevent it from causing further psychological and physiological harm. In moments of stress, we have an immediate desire to distract ourselves with harmful behaviours. As a result of these distractions, we oppress our emotions and react from a place of impulsiveness. However, by tapping into our own resilience, we can respond from a place of mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness helps us to create a space to pause in a moment of stress, observe these emotions, and respond with clarity. This workshop is suitable for those who would like to begin a meditation practice and/or deepen their knowledge on the science of mindfulness.

During this workshop, you will learn:
-the neuroscience, physiological, and psychological effects of stress
-the neuroscience, physiological, and psychological effects of mindfulness
-primary versus secondary emotions
-how to observe and label emotions
-mindful breathing exercises
-how to begin a sitting meditation practice
-how to bring mindfulness to everyday activities

About Seham:
Seham Kafafi was awarded a MSc. Mindfulness: Neuroscience and Clinical Applications from King's College London's Institute of Psychology. In 2012, as an undergraduate at AUC, she was part of a team who conducted research on the stressors and traumas of Cairo, Egypt. She presented the findings of the study in the Pan-Arab Psychiatry Conference in Dubai, October 2012 and in the Society for Community Research in Action (SCRA) Bienniel Conference in Florida, June 2013. Seham currently develops mindfulness curricula, programs, and information seminars for schools, companies, and community organizations in Dallas, Texas.
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