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Basic Digital Photography Course - Zayed Branch , Cairo , Egypt

Basic Digital Photography Course - Zayed Branch

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When: -
Where: Art Cafe
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Art Cafe - Galleria40
Address: 40, Mehwar 26th of July, Sheikh Zayed, Six of October, Egypt. Shop 108, Abu Rawwash, Egypt
How: [ Event Site ]
4 Classes & 1 field trip - 5 sessions/1,260LE
Once a week - 3 hour classes (15 hours)

Saturdays 12:00pm –3:00 pm

Languages: Arabic & English

Number of participants: A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6.

Dates: October 14th


Take control of your camera! This hands-on, practical course is for beginners and amateurs who have a Digital SLR camera but are unsure of how to progress from the automatic button mode. You’ll be introduced to the basics of how aperture, shutter speed, lighting and composition control the creative Process of capturing images. And you’ll master basic photo editing to enhance your photos for printing or viewing on-screen. The course includes field trips

Overview of Course Content:

• Basic Functions of a Camera
• Introduction about Exposure
• Exposure
a. Shutter Speed
b. Aperture/F Stop
c. ISO
• Workshop (field trip 3 hours)
• Light Metering Modes and how to use them effectively.
• Exposure compensation.
• White Balance.
• Focus.
• Image Quality & Image Size.
• Bracketing.
• Lenses and which ones do I really need.
• Focal Length.
• Composition
• How to achieve a well-balanced photograph
• Perspective, Angles and lenses
• Rules (and when to break them)
• Lighting
• Everything you ever wanted to know about natural light (the magic hours)
• Introduction to studio light
• Direction of light
• Quality of light.
• Color of light.
• Introduction to RAW files
• Printing
• Workshop (field trip 3 hours)
• Introduction of Lens Types Which fit your requirements.
• Introduction to HDR.
• How to Make a Panorama Photo.
• Focus Stacking
• General review

Course Outcomes
At the end of this course you will be able to:
• Have an understanding of camera handling and functions of your Digital SLR.
• Get the most out of your SLR and its many capabilities and settings to use to creative effect; with an emphasis on hands-on practical field trips.
• Train your eye to capture great images through the creative process of controlling lighting, shutter speed, aperture, exposure control, white balance, ISO settings and focus options.
• Give that edge to your photographs by learning how to turn an average photo into a great one through composition and depth of field.
• Have the confidence and skills to shoot a variety of subjects including: portraits, landscapes, architecture, nature, motion, macro..

Course Prerequisites
• No prior photography knowledge is required. This course is best suited for those who have a digital
• SLR camera, or compact digital camera that support manual mode.
• Bring your camera lenses, manual and cable.
• Memory cards. At least 1GB card. Charged camera battery and a spare battery if possible.
• Tripod, if you have one.
• Basic computer / internet skills with PC or Mac.

Lecturer’s Biography
Hassan Ahmed was Living in Italy-(Abruzzo) working as computer engineer in a television station as a software developer and Oracle database administrator. in addition working as a photographer and teaching digital photography. Visual arts in general were amongst his hobbies until he developed a particular interest in landscape photography since 1996 , cityscape, Macro, portrait and night photography are mainly the categories he always studying during 13 years resident in Italy, exploring, and experimenting with at the moment.
Adobe Certified Photoshop, Web site:
* Please Note: This course is designed for students with SLR Cameras or compact digital camera that support manual mode *

Duration: 15 hours in 4 weeks
Tutor: Hassan Ahmed
Instagram: hassanahmed25

For more information, please contact:

Art Cafe
Zayed Branch, Galleria40 Culture Lab
40, Mehwar 26th July,
Shop 108
012 111 70 729
Working hours:
Sunday to Thursday from 12pm-10pm (except Mondays)
Saturday & Friday from 1pm-10pm
Closed on Mondays
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