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Wuzzuf.com is the #1 jobs site in Egypt and the Middle East. Search and apply to jobs at the top employers in Egypt.
Wuzzuf.com is the #1 jobs site in Egypt and the Middle East. Search and apply to jobs at the top employers in Egypt.
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5 Star Rating

With more than 50 new jobs posted daily, WUZZUF is considered the best website in Egypt to find high quality jobs.

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4 Star Rating

With the rise of the age of virtual social networking module where everyone is joining and communicating through the online ‘cloud’ , it’s no surprise that job hunting nowadays is far different from how it used to be 20 years ago. There are now websites that offer professional social networking whose services are quickly becoming the predominant, efficient means of the facilitating the job hunting process, making it easier to connect and find the best suited job for you. Wuzzuf, an Egyptian professional networking website is currently overtaking the local recruiting market. Instead of having to go through the frustrating process of finding a job through editorials or word of mouth, Wuzzuf managed to ameliorate the process so that it takes a fraction of time and effort and yields expedited, more promising results.
The home page has a classic, welcoming aesthetic, displaying small black-and-white portraits of mostly Egyptian faces whose age seems to range from twenty to thirty year olds, portraying an image of youthfulness and entrepreneurship, and contains a search engine that directs people to the jobs available. The interface and navigation are easy to use with straightforward titles and system of categorization. The jobs are distinctively divided into eight main categories and one “miscellaneous” category, making it easier for people to locate the jobs that are specific to their specialties or majors.
As a user of this website, one has the options of either advertising for a job or applying for one. As a soon to be fresh graduate, I signed up as an applicant, which entailed that I filled out my “profile” by answering the designated questions with personal and professional details and information for the employers to see and easily uploaded my most updated CV. There is also another tab for career advise which was beneficial in its general advice and online references to entries and articles on career related topics (e.g. how to deal with work stress, what to wear to work, Career planning etc…)
I created my account there almost 5 months ago now, and I have to say that they have progressed a lot since. What is nice about posting your professional resume on Wuzzuf is that it looks presentable, and straight to the point. Unlike its multinational competitor Linkedin, Wuzzuf is not a social media platform where you could endorse or “like” or visit other peoples profiles. You can only view jobs or people’s public profiles, which makes it more straight to the point. It only took 2 months of job hunting before I started getting phone calls for the jobs that I applied for, and even jobs that I did not. So it seems as though once your CV is on the system it circulates to companies that want to hire anyone who has at least made it this far and has satisfactory credentials. Perhaps as a suggestion or a future added feature, it would be convenient if, once the CV is uploaded, it would automatically circulate to companies or firms that are of similar areas as your studies. Otherwise, Wuzzuf is a very user-friendly site that I would recommend to anyone who is in need of employment.

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5 Star Rating

Wuzzuf.com is definitely the best job site in Egypt. If you are looking for a job in Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, etc... Wuzzuf.com definitely has it. We used them to find many great candidates for many employers. No more need to send your CV by mail to hundreds of employers and waiting endlessly for responses.

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