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A local guide made by the people who know Egypt best, YOU! Discover places and events all around Egypt now.
A local guide made by the people who know Egypt best, YOU! Discover places and events all around Egypt now.
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4 Reviews for Totally Egypt

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5 Star Rating

Hands Down one of the top website in Egypt. Really Good job guys :)

Owner Reply:September 11, 2011

Thanks Omar! We appreciate your support :)
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El Katameya

5 Star Rating

Its kind of corny to review the website on its own turf, but really i think the idea is great, and love how i can now find out all the events taking place post #Jan25.
We need to put more events as i understand we can add anything ourselves!

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Garden City

5 Star Rating

I love this website, it's sooo good! Great job guys!

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Wow it's really weird to see that you guys added your own website for people to review! Well let's hope u don't censor what I say ;)
Really the site is really cool and it gives us space to share what we think of many places but I really think you guys should like add a help section to tell us how things work cause everyday I discover something!
Just noticed then the more a place is bookmarked the more of a chance it's in the top listing!

And I was with my friend and we tried to claim her shop and we couldn't find where to do it except after a long time! So guys just write us a short guide on how to :)

But really good job, someone should have done this site ages ago we really do need it

Owner Reply:September 25, 2010

Hi Nada, thanks for your review! I'm glad you are enjoying using the site. With regards to your concerns, I'm glad to say that we are working on a "Help" section for the site which will have answers to the most common questions we've been receiving.
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