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Top Dawgs - CLOSED

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5 Ibn Nabieh Street
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
01022238802 , 01023330702
Business Hours: 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM Days: All Week
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Business Description:
Top Dawgs is the home of gourmet hot dogs in Cairo. Our dogs, made with the finest ingredients and topped with every topping you can think of, will literally make you sit up and beg.
Top Dawgs is the home of gourmet hot dogs in Cairo. Our dogs, made with the finest ingredients and topped with every topping you can think of, will literally make you sit up and beg.
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4 Reviews for Top Dawgs - CLOSED

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Garden City

2 Star Rating

Honestly i found nothing special in the place, they're really slow in taking orders although they're just for takeaway but talk about efficiency. Hot dogs are just ordinary, its not bad really but simply quite average, its similar to buying faragallah hot dogs at home and making them ur self, maybe some extra toppings are at top dawgs but thats it. I was really astonished from how they act on twitter as if they serve the best hot dogs in the world, while really On the Run hot dogs would kick their ....

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3 Star Rating

I've heard a bunch of mixed reviews about this place and tried it once. I had the Chicago dawg and I liked it. It is definitely not the best hot dog I've had but on a late night, it serves its purpose alright and tastes different than anything else around.

One thing I didn't like was the fact that i felt i could do a better one at home: there was no secret recipe, no special ingredient. Just the regular stuff ( mustard, ketchup, relish... )

If you like Hot Dogs, Top Dawgs is probably the best choice in town, I actually don't know of any other hot dog parlor.

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3 Star Rating

Not all what its cracked out to be. I heard it was good but although it was ok I was disappointed overall.
Nothing special here
The white meat hot dog (cant recall the name) was below average and the shop smelt really bad

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4 Star Rating

I had the Original Dawg ( ketchup, mustard, relish, onions) it was very juicy and very nicely cooked( grilled not boiled) medium size which was just about the right size. They do a smaller size but it seems too small.
Extended menu of different kinds of Dawgs which all seems very interesting and would try at a later stage.
Value for money is pretty good.
Problem I must note is that the shop is pretty small , there isn't extractor fan/hob so the cooking smell is quite strong and sticks to you, onions hurt your eyes.
I would give it 5 stars though except from problem of cooking smell.
Good job!

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