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Nile City Towers
Beaulac, Cairo, Egypt
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Sleek, sensual and glamorous, Tamarai is Cairo’s signature setting Cutting edge design, innovative ideas and gastronomic excellence are combined in a “see and be seen” atmosphere that has elevated the city’s restaurant scene to unprecedented levels
Sleek, sensual and glamorous, Tamarai is Cairo’s signature setting Cutting edge design, innovative ideas and gastronomic excellence are combined in a “see and be seen” atmosphere that has elevated the city’s restaurant scene to unprecedented levels
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6 Reviews for Tamarai

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El Manial

5 Star Rating

An awesome place and dinning btw very veery very expensive for a table cost 2500 EGP

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Sofia Cooper
Al Rehab

5 Star Rating

Has to be one of the best place to hang out in Cairo . I love the decor and the atmosphere is superb

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5 Star Rating

As co-founder of TotallyEgypt.com, i was invited yesterday to a very special event hosted by the Tamarai management. The event was sort of a celebration of the launch of the new menu of Tamarai, and the target of the event was tasting. I have to admit that I have never enjoyed Tamarai as i did yesterday. From walking into the place i felt that there has been a big change in the ambiance and atmosphere in the place. The staff and service were impeccable, and this didn't seem to be a special treatment for the event, but really seemed to be something that will last for a long time. I really felt that there's a change in the place, and not because it was indoors, but i had this feeling that whatever mistakes were done in the past 2 years, the learning curve is over, and now they are going to focus on making this place a world class restaurant. I have to say i did eat a lot and i enjoyed the food tremendously as i had a sampling session of all the available starters on the menu, and i was surprised that i enjoyed even plates that i don't even eat. The highlights for me actually were the main courses and the desserts. I had the ostrich meat which was delicious, actually the meat is good, but the sauce which i really don't think i can describe was one of the tastiest i've had in along time. Going forward with desserts we were served plates with a sample of each type of dessert, i don't really know the name of what i liked, but they had this creamy dessert in a small glass and i have to say its out of this world; i actually had about 5 or 6 of this, and i just stopped after someone actually told me enough, that someone was a friend and not Tamarai Management :)
They also had this amazing singer, i don't really remember his name, but his voice is really good, and he sings more or less anything and in any language.
I really recommend everyone to go checkout this new menu, but would have to agree with some of the reviewers in general, don't go there for dinner on a Friday as its the most crowded night, and its more of a party night, that is unless you go at 8 and leave at 10:30 for example.

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Garden City

5 Star Rating

Ok i see alot of negative reviews here, but guys come on be fair, the place is amazing. I agree that its not nice when it gets over crowded, but this is something that can be fixed. The crowd isn't that bad especially on Thursday and Tuesday, i agree Friday is avoidable because its just not a day they can control apparently. But i went last Thursday, and it was alot of fun. We were able to book a table, although we did it early, and i have to say that even though i didn't know everyone there, i believe everyone's face was familiar, which is actually a big change. Really good job, and well done. Can't wait to go inside !!!

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4 Star Rating

Its the only place in Cairo that you can call a club!!! Food is good, cocktails are amazing, although quite expensive for Cairo. The ambiance is amazing overlooking the Nile especially when the Terrace is open in the summer. Reservation is needed as they will most probably not let you in!!!

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3 Star Rating

As many places in Cairo, Tamarai opened as a new hot spot in Cairo and was successful in attracting the best clientele in town. They really were overbooked everyday for dinner and you were asked to leave the table for the reservation after you, which actually never happens in Cairo.

They then opened the terrace, which was just the best breathe of fresh air, as we had a lounge/club in a terrace overlooking the Nile, i mean nothing could be better.

They close down the terrace in the winter which leaves us only with the place inside, but its quite big so there's no problem and a number of times i've had the best time there.

The food is quite overrated, but really everyone is going for drinks and partying and not to eat so its not really a big deal.

The main problem about this place which makes everyone hate it is the toilet. They need to do something about it, definitely its not right to have a place with this size with this number of toilets, its absolutely ridiculous. People can cue for hours especially the girls, and you find some people walking out of the place into nile city mall and the fairmont hotel to use the toilet and go back, which is scandalous.

The place until quite recently was really good, although i have to say its a rip off, as its just not worth what you're paying; it is a nice place but lets be realistic, we are still in Cairo.

The minimum charge on the bar is weird as you're forced to pay 250 pounds which is just too much, and the management isn't that good either. I mean if you know the owners, then fine you're all set as they will take care of you, but if you're left with the manager, good luck.

After my visit of last weekend to the place, i couldn't believe my self. Everything i just said was different, the place was utterly disastrous, i've never walked into a place in Cairo which hosts 1000 people and find that i know 3-5 people in the entire place. I only asked myself who are these people? Where do they come from?

I'm sure they pay well that's why they are inside, but other than that the crowd looked nasty.

I hope this was just one night and things will get back to normal as its really a pity to have such a great venue collapse in such a short period of time.

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