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Left Bank

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53 Abu El Feda Street
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
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Left Bank offers a sensational cafe, bistro and patisserie experience along the Nile. Owned by Urbane Restaurants, the creators of Sequoia, Left Bank is inspired by downtown Cairo cultural salons and by the desire for self-expression and creative thinking. Left Bank serves authentic homemade French Pastry, gourmet sandwiches, salads, pizzas, s...
Left Bank offers a sensational cafe, bistro and patisserie experience along the Nile. Owned by Urbane Restaurants, the creators of Sequoia, Left Bank is inspired by downtown Cairo cultural salons and by the desire for self-expression and creative thinking.

Left Bank serves authentic homemade French Pastry, gourmet sandwiches, salads, pizzas, soups in addition to an elaborate beverage menu offering specialty coffees, teas, shakes, fruit smoothies, chocolate drinks, and cold and frozen beverages. Additional features include a gourmet retail outlet selling fresh bakery and pastry products.
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12 Reviews for Left Bank

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Reviews Number 1

Nasr City

1 Star Rating

I am writing to air my complaints about the very poor service that I received at your restaurant today "Left bank Zamalek". On 27 June 2014 we had poor experience in regards to the staff's attitude and lack of communication which have spoiled our high expectations of your restaurant and eventually spoiled the day for me and my friends.

On 27 June 2014 we had a poor experience. I feel it is important that you be aware of the behavior of your employees. I have not shared this experience with any of my friends (or on any social media) YET, and would like to provide you with the opportunity to respond.

My friend and I approached a table to sit and we were told by the morning shift manager that it takes 6 people and we can not sit on it although we were two and expecting another two to come in 15 minutes. Anyways, we have understood the policy but in few minutes two guests came in and sat on the 6 people table and your respected manger did not say a ward!! Afterwords we sat on another table and the same manger came with very bad attitude asking us to move us to another table as this one takes 7 people!! I was like "Are you kidding me" !! especially that we ordered and our food is served already. his attitude was so unwelcoming and appealing rude.

I have tried to discuss with him that this is not what I have expected from your restaurant regarding the hospitality but his conversation manner is appealing and insisted to move us! he did not listen and did not give me a chance to speak and constantly tried to silence me up which i found very uncomfortable and irrespectable. he said that he will appreciate my understanding that it is hard to please everyone. We told him that we will not move to another table otherwise we are leaving the restaurant, his response in a rude tone was "Well, as you like, you can leave!!!" I couldn't believe that you would hire someone with that attitude and he's a manger too. Anyway, My friend and I left the restaurant without even touching our food and one of my friends promised that she will tell everyone she knows about that horrible experience we had and your horrible place.

I will try really hard to reach the managers or the one who's in charge to state my complain to let everyone know how terrible attitude your staff have and to be aware that with people like that, you will never be a successful restaurant. Just invest in people first.

We felt the whole ambiance was very unprofessional with no traditional care and attention and not to mention the bad attitude. very disappointing indeed.


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Reviews Number 2


3 Star Rating

i give it a three mainly because of its supreme location and amazing atmosphere, especially at breakfast. other than that, major improvements have to be made to food and service quality, to help make that place as perfect as it should have been.

Owner Reply:October 10, 2012

Hi! We're always relying on our guests' feedback to make improvements and give you a better experience. Would be great if you could email us your recommendations to PR at urbaneonline DOT net. Thank you!
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Reviews Number 64


5 Star Rating

I had the best experience and meal in a while yesteday at Left Bank. As i'm a big fan of Escalope Pane, i can say the one there probably beats any other one in Egypt, and trust me i've tried them all. Its really well cooked and the panee is stuck well to the veal which is the most important thing for me and with some lemon on top its just delicious. Oh and the quality of the meat was superb !!!

Owner Reply:September 26, 2012

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to share your review. We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed your meal and look forward to seeing you come back again soon.
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Reviews Number 1

maha rashad
6th of October

1 Star Rating

The resturant has the worst service ever. The waiters are very rude they wave their hands and talk to customers in a very bad manner. My husband was talking to one waiter called micheal ibrahim telling him about a mistake in the reciept and the guy kept waving and acting and talking very rudely. We complained to the other waiter called romani saying that you need to work on your customer service as you'll lose customers and the reviews about you are all complaining about customer service he said ok we have poor customer service and complain about us if you wish and said their names in confidence. I just have one advice to the owner if you continue with this staff and their atitude you will eventually lose all your customers. I for one will not go back again.

Owner Reply:September 10, 2012

Dear Maha - thank you for reporting this experience. Can you please send us your contact details to get in touch with you directly regarding this? Pls email us on: info at leftbankonline DOT com .
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Reviews Number 1

Kathryn Stapley

1 Star Rating

I just had a thoroughly unpleasant experience in this restaurant.

The staff were incredibly rude. They refused to bring me what I asked for and then argued about it, so I walked out.

They couldn't seem to be bothered to deal with a simple request. This meant what should have been a leisurely lunch in pleasant surroundings by the Nile ended up being a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

It may seem to them that as a foreigner I am simply passing trade and therefore did not merit courteous treatment. But like thousands of other ex-pats I live in Cairo. However I will not be frequenting this restaurant again.

Owner Reply:July 29, 2012

Hi Kathryn. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. It saddens us to know that you were not satisfied and we would like to contact you in person to understand what happened. Can you please email us your contact details on info at leftbankonline DOT com Thank you.
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Reviews Number 2


1 Star Rating

The place is hard to find, there is no sign outside which left me looking for a very long time for it. The decor is wonderful but the food was awful. I would never go back.

Owner Reply:June 12, 2012

Hi Zinab. Please do follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. We have a new menu that just started this month and we hope you will visit us again to try it soon. Thank you.
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Reviews Number 1


3 Star Rating

My first visit to Left Bank was better than most first visits I have to other restaurants. Right when I stepped in, I took in the beautiful Nile view and naturally lit, vast venue. The waiter was very friendly and I ordered Marrakech green tea and a chicken mayo sandwich. The green tea came in a cute transparent pot with a cup of crushed mint in the middle so the tea can soak up the mint. The sandwich wasn't the best I've had but it was of good size and came with a large helping of fries which I didn't eat (not a fan of fries) The mayo was a bit too much though and the tomatos left the bread soggy. We then ordered strawberry and chocolate macarons which were very yummy, which was a surprise since most macarons in Egypt are close to horrible. However, their bakery definitely needs to be improved. This morning, we ordered a plain croissant, almond croissant, brioche and a brown loaf. When the order came, we realized that they sent a white loaf and a chocolate croissant instead of the brown and almond. The brioche was not even close to what brioche should taste like and the croissant was too buttery! We called to complain about the messed up order - this stuff definety wasn't worth the 50 le spent on it! The chef actually called to apologize and sent us free baked goods! Overall, Left Bank is a nice place to be if you want a pretty Nile view, no minimum charge and good hot/cold drinks, but for now stay away from their pastries.

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Reviews Number 3


1 Star Rating

Yes, the decor is great and will be awesome in the Spring when they can open up the giant glass doors onto the Nile. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, the food is really really bad.

Have the Cairenes and expats gotten so used to horrible food that they think Left Bank is good?

I assure you that if Chef Benoit Laboureux (who designed the menu) was sitting with me last night, he would have walked out of the restaurant without paying.

When ordering my curry chicken sandwich from the surly waiter I became excited by the choice between ciabatta, baguette, or toast. I thought, "hey, this is different, this will be good!" What arrived was a dry ciabatta bun with one piece of uncut chicken breast and some curry dressing (from a jar?). No tomato, no onion, no lettuce, NO LOVE. I think the last time I had a sandwich this horrible was from Cilantro, another joke. At 40LE this was a crime.

The Chicken Caesar Salad was fine. Would I order it again? Nope. This is the type of salad I expect when stopping at a gas station to use the bathroom and I am in desperate need of something to eat. It served its purpose.

The pizza selection is sad. Rocket, Anchovy, or Cheese. Wow, how exciting. I read on Cairo360 that this is the best pizza in Cairo (better than Pizza Mia?!), but its quantity did not make up for its inferior quality.

The only redeeming factor was the dessert. The chocolate dome cake was delicious and the Autumn Sheet was satisfying even if their system registered the product as being 40LE (for a tiny piece), when in fact it was 30LE.

On our table sat a small container of mysterious sauce for the entire meal. When we were finished eating, we finally noticed it. What was that? Tasted garlicy. Could have been delicious ... on something. Maybe our soggy McDonalds french fries that came with the sandwich? Too bad it was never explained to us, just plopped down on the table and left to fend for itself.

Despite the stunning decor, I probably wouldn't even return. I'm sad. It could have been a good thing.

Owner Reply:March 4, 2012

Hi RealisticEgypt. Thank you for taking the time to report your experience at Left Bank. We're sorry you were disappointed and hope to welcome you back soon to give the place another try. We've taken actions to make changes, and have also revamped the menu recently. Thank you.
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Reviews Number 66

Garden City

5 Star Rating

I can only say that i'm in love with the place. This place really grows on you and for sure it has become my favorite place in Cairo !!!

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Reviews Number 48

Paolo Malpense

5 Star Rating

I agree there is not place like it in Cairo. It is unique in the best of ways. The atmosphere is very charming, and the place has a certain vibe that you cannot find anywhere in Egypt. Decoration is COOL. Food is delicious by all means, the chef is an absolute artist.

Recommend everyone to check out the place ASAP...

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Reviews Number 2


5 Star Rating

A coffee shop with a soul

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Reviews Number 43


5 Star Rating

I dont think there is a place in Cairo quite like it..
Located next to sequoia and over looking the Nile , it is a rare mix of excellent cuisine and culture..It is a bookstore with an array of food and a fresh bakery. Supposedly they will have open mic nights too which would add an extra element..
I was there for the opening and the food and overall atmosphere were just great..looking forward to try it again

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