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La Trattoria

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13 El Maraashly Street
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

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First to Review:   Paolo Malpense
Business Description:
Cozy Italian Restaurant hidden within the streets of Zamalek.
Cozy Italian Restaurant hidden within the streets of Zamalek.
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4 Reviews for La Trattoria

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6th of October

2 Star Rating

Expensive. Food is normal. Nothing special. I tried it once (October 2011) and I don't think I will go there again.

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5 Star Rating

Its a great regular place. I regularly go there. Its great for lunch or a nice dinner with friends. I highly recommend this place. Especially the pastas, which they are best at!

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2 Star Rating

Honestly, i really used to love that place, but all of a sudden the service has just become terrible. You call the waiter, he hears you and pretends not to and just walks away, which is quite weird as they used to have very good service.

The other thing which struck me today while having lunch there is their policy on sauce; we ordered a filet, and wanted to have two sauces on the side so that we could try both, but apparently the house rules forbid that. I've never heard anything like this in my life, i've seen places where they would charge for extra sauce, but having two sauces isn't allowed is just totally new to me. Its such a stupid rule that really makes me hate the place, i mean what kind of place dictates something like this on the customer. Where in almost every place i've been in Egypt, and abroad, they try to cater to your needs, La Trattoria clearly caters to the Chef's comfort, which is quite disturbing.

Anyways i had a lousy time at the place, and will think twice before i go again.

Its such a pity how the place has become, although i've been a regular since it opened.

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Paolo Malpense

5 Star Rating

This is really a place for regulars. You walk into the restaurant and probably half the people if not more were eating there the last time you were there. This actually is quite a good sign for a restaurant in Cairo, as it means the place is cozy and the food is good.
The ambiance is ok, i mean its not the best, but its adequate. The Service actually is excellent although the number of waiters is small, they tend to do a good job, and always keep a smile.

Tomato Mozarella or Vitello Tonnato are recommended for starters, and i'd go for the scaloppine al limone for the main course.

Honestly i've been eating there since the place opened and never tried the dessert but my friends always said its good.

Also La Trattoria serves alcohol which is sometimes a plus for a romantic dinner with some red wine.

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