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Swan Lake Compound Club House, 1st Settlement
El Katameya, Cairo, Egypt
01270004877 , 0224690331
Business Hours: 2:00 PM - 2:00 AM Days: All Week
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An unparalleled contemporary Japanese dining experience.
An unparalleled contemporary Japanese dining experience.
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5 Star Rating

There haven't been many places opening up in Cairo worth mentioning, until i've been to Kazoku. From the moment you walk into the place you're welcomed by extremely friendly staff who give you all their attention to have you seated in the quickest and most professional manner. The decoration of the place is outstanding, and is comparable only to those top notch places of London, New York, and Dubai. Its surrounded by glass, and we were quite lucky to be on a table overlooking the outdoor area, where the pool was lit, and we could see the coming outdoor area, probably to be opened in spring.
The bar looks quite proper with a few foreign bartenders mixing up the cocktails which i heard were impeccable. We didn't get a chance to order any of the cocktail and just had our wine, which i was quite glad that they offered to decant as its quite rare to find this in Cairo.
The food i would have to say is the best Japanese in Cairo, but knowing that we don't have many options in town it wouldn't mean alot to any reader. Reality is the food is delicious only to compete with again topnotch restaurants as Zuma and Nobu. I actually think some of the dishes we ordered beat those of London, and New York. Sushi is just incredible, and the codfish was impressive. I've never seen codfish in Egypt, so if you're in the mood for it that's the place to be. The service was precise, and quick with very friendly waiters, and i understood the Restaurant Manager is a Hoteliere hence the excellent staff training.
The place is expensive, but in terms of value for money i'd say you won't get any better in Egypt.

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